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East Anglia Fly Fishing

The aim of the game is to have as much information on Anglia's lakes, rivers, clubs & things going on; all in one place. Originally founded from our Facebook group 2 years ago & like the Facebook group; The site has several sections for lakes/rivers (in the Waters section), clubs, coaches for casting lessons, tips on casting or knots & as always.

Please contact us if you want something adding to the web site of Facebook group. Especially rivers, we are not looking for your "exact spot"; but instead let us know about a stretch of river & if any clubs run that stretch. On the clubs note, any club that is fly fishing friendly is welcome; that includes any coarse clubs.

Events, please let us know if your holding an event that fly anglers are welcome at; we can help advertise it for you.

On the note of advertising, if you want your company/brand/product advertised on the web site? Please do contact us with the page location & information on what you are looking to advertise. We are not charging the earth, but help towards annual web site running cost would be helpful. If we find that advert income is exceeding running costs cover, we are happy to donate it towards an Anglian charity, which can be pre-agreed.